Trials co-ordination unit

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Promoting clinical research excellence across Greater Manchester and the North West through the management of high-quality clinical trials.

About The MAHSC-CTU...

  • a UKCRC Registered Clinical Trials Unit. Engagement with a registered CTU is a pre-requisite for many grant and charitable funding applications.
  • an essential core resource for the clinical and academic research community across Greater Manchester and the North West.
  • the only NHS-based Trials Coordination Unit in the UK.
  • Provides the infrastructure support to enable these studies to be undertaken to the quality and rigour expected by Good Clinical Practice and regulatory governance standards (See 'What we do').
  • Manages a range of grant-funded studies from single-centre non-interventional studies to large, multicentre clinical trials of investigational medicinal products (CTIMPs).

How is the MAHSC-CTU financed?

The work of the MAHSC-CTU is financed solely by grant and charitable funding.

The cost of using the MAHSC-CTU for the management of individual trials must be incorporated in specific grant funding applications, in line with all other UK Trials Units.


  • To build on our UKCRC Registration Status, establishing the MAHSC-CTU as a recognised centre of excellence in the design and management of national and international clinical trials
  • To consolidate our existing position as the lead trials unit for Greater Manchester and the North West
  • To increase the portfolio of NIHR registered clinical research studies
  • To develop collaboration with strategic industry partners via coordination of early phase trials of novel treatments
This unit receives National Institute for Health Research CTU Support Funding. This funding has been awarded to support the unit in developing and supporting NIHR trials.
Large MAHSC-CTU Organisational Structure Diagram